My Priorities

My Priorities

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Can't decide between candles or oils??? No worries I have you covered with the "My Priorities" kit. Candles allow you to establish a peaceful ambiance in your environment while essential oils can boost your mood and impact your overall health and well-being. Why not have the best of both worlds!! 

In this kit you get the entire single oil and candle collection at a discounted price-Great Deal. 

Kit includes:




5ml- Peppermint

5ml- Rosemary ct camphor 

2/8oz candles-"Had all I can handle"-Relax&Refresh (See candles for more detail)

1 box of safety matches

*See individual product page for detailed description and safety information

+++Free diffuser bracelet with the purchase of this kit while supplies last 

***Color of diffuser bracelets will vary based on inventory