Self-Care NOT Selfish

Self-Care NOT Selfish

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This is the ultimate Self-Care Experience. This is the perfect kit to prioritize all of your emotional self-care needs, especially for those moments when you find yourself trying to pour from an empty cup. After hours, days and maybe even weeks of pouring into others, we cannot forget about ourselves. It's not selfish it's Self-Care! In this kit you get the entire collection at a discounted price-Best Deal. 

Pamper your body, calm your mind and satisfy your senses with this Self-Care kit. 

Kit includes:




5ml- Peppermint

5ml- Rosemary ct camphor 

4 Essential Oil Blends 5ml/per bottle  (Beauty Rest, Boss Lady, Girlfriends, Spa Day) 

2-8oz candles-"Had all I can handle"-Relax&Refresh (See candles for more detail)

1 box of safety matches

*See individual product page for detailed description and safety information 

+++Free diffuser bracelet with the purchase of this kit while supplies last 

***Color of diffuser bracelets will vary based on inventory