Our Story

Aromacabinet™ is a natural, organic aromatherapy collection created by a woman for a woman; specifically designed to support women’s health from the inside out!

Founded by Toni Louis, a Holistic Psychotherapist and Essential Oil Specialist with a mission to help others achieve total wellness naturally.

Working as a therapist in the field of mental health, I have treated many clients who struggle mentally and emotionally with little to no healthy alternatives for coping aside from medication. Specializing in addiction, anxiety, depression, challenging life transitions and women's issues, it has become a great passion of mine to help others just like you identify and implement a more natural approach to healing the mind, body and spirit. With this in mind I began to explore alternative treatments which lead to becoming an essential oil specialist and student of aromatherapy certification.

As women we experience various seasons of our life that requires a little extra TLC. From surviving the insecurities of our twenties, career decisions, transitioning to wife, mother, caregiver, menopause and more I set out on a mission to develop products for women that support in achieving optimal health and wellness, without the use of medication!

We are so grateful for your support and joining us in supporting women’s health and building a positive community that inspires, encourages and empowers women to show up authentically, confidently and with purpose!


-Aromacabinet Team